Holiday Buying Guide 2012

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All right, so let’s say you’re reading this and you’re looking for some last minute ideas for a gift for a Cigars and Legs kind of guy. Note that I am getting no money for any of the links included below, this is all stuff I genuinely like. So here we go:

The Glenmorangie Sample Pack — if he is into whisky, this is a great start if he’s never had Glenmorangie. I bought this as my second Glenmorangie Scotch, and it was worth every penny. It comes with four different types of Glenmorangie, just enough for a glass each. And they’re wonderful. (My one bit of advice: it seems to me that the alcohol is a bit more… powerful smelling when you have a sampler, so I’d advise giving it additional time to breathe before trying it.)

Other spirits come in samplers, of course. If you get a sampler, try for something he doesn’t already have — otherwise, go for a full bottle. I got a full bottle of the Macallan 10 for my birthday and I was very pleased.

I’d also suggest Knob Creek’s Single Barrel Reserve. That is a damn fine product and I won’t go without having it in the house for long.

Finck Cigar Comapny sells samplers and singles of lots of brands. I’m sure others do, as well, but I’ve always used Finck’s and have always found them to go above and beyond when it comes to any customer service issue. Stuff his stocking with a single or two — but you may need to hide it in a humidified piece of tuperware until Christmas morning!

I’d recommend Montecristo, Excalibur, Fonseca, and the Finck’s brands (they make a sampler containing one of each!). Also good are Don Diego, CAO, etc. If he’s all right with seconds you can get real bang for your buck. (I love seconds — they always seem to smoke as good as full price and are discounted for silly reasons!)

Every Day Carry items — last year I received a 4Sevens miniature flashlight that has been worth it’s weight in gold. Sometimes you don’t realize how helpful something is until you get it. I carry that sucker with me everywhere now. Being able to make light is a useful skill.

Also consider a small, single blade pocket knife. Sometimes you don’t need complex. You just need a little sharp blade to cut something in a pinch. I carry one of those, too.

Xikar lighters are great parts of an EDC. I carry a little torch lighter with me, even though I don’t often smoke outside of the weekends. You never know when it will come in handy!

Never overlook the utility of a nice fountain pen. A lot of people seem to be in love with the tactical pens, but I just really enjoy having a fountain pen. I had (and lost!) a Lamy Safari, and it was a good pen. (I’m currently subbing with a Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen.)

In the spring, I bought myself a Tilley Hat. Every man should own a good hat, and a good every day hat is nice to have. I wear it when I’m cutting grass, swimming (it’ll float!), or just walking outside. Tilley hats come with a crazy warranty, and they block all UV. Baseball caps only keep the sun off of part of you!

Speaking of crazy good warranties. If you’re buying for someone who likes leather or likes well made products, The Saddleback Leather Company guarantees you’ll wear out before their products. You can’t beat that. They’re pricey but they come with a 100 year warranty. They make belts, wallets, bags, and phone holsters (which will be my next if the current one craps out).

Another stocking stuffer: If he already has cigars and a lighter, you can always get him some really nice butane for his torch lighter. Xikar is a good brand, I’ve yet to have a problem with it.

One more stocking stuffer: Grandpa’s soap is pretty cool — I love the smell of the pine tar variety.

Also! If you’re his Leggy Lady, and he’s a Cigars and Legs kind of guy, never forget that some personalized pictures will set his engine purring. Legs in boots and not a whole lot else. IfyouknowwhatImean, he says with a wink and a nod.