I don’t like to internet anymore.

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Monday, as I was reading a non-political technical article, I got to the comment section and found myself faced with a load of hypocritical leftists gloating about how the technical article’s contents were bad for conservatives. I read, and I read, waiting for the eventual rebuttal. None came.

Then today, I read a non-political technical article. This time, there were no leftists gloating, but there were morons rambling about guns — unrelated to the article.

When I go to any news site, it’s just stupid pap or doom and gloom — I can’t find tech news, something I would usually enjoy, that isn’t tainted. Most tech sites (we’re all looking at YOU Slashdot and Ars) have been overrun with global climate change hysteria. There is no room for debate.

Even right-leaning sites, it’s the same old crap, over and over.

I don’t care anymore.

Republicans this, Democrats that.

Arguing doesn’t do any good: nobody wants to listen. They just want to TALK LOUDER THAN YOU.

I’ve cut myself off from social media because it was a time suck and causing me all sorts of problems (mostly related to it being a time suck, but others related to my personal issues). Now I’m cutting myself off from news media because it is a time suck and it’s not adding anything of value to my life. I’ve been a news junkie for most of my life. Now? No. Take it away. I get no joy from it.

The number of blogs I read has been drastically cut down as well. I read a few writers, a few “manosphere”* guys (but no MRAs), and a few “word of the day” feeds. Almost every one of them is in some way related to self-improvement, with few exceptions — mostly gun blogs, which are sort of about improvement…

I want to walk up to most of you people and do my best Borat: “Give me a smile, pussycat.”

Sullen whiners.

* I hate this fucking word. I didn’t at first, but there’s a whole swath of the “manosphere” I could do without. They’re better than the radical feminist harpies but who the fuck isn’t?