ISIS: A Bunch of Assholes Continuing the Taliban’s Work

More historical sites have been destroyed.

Bel Temple ColumnsIf anyone has forgotten, this is the same sort of bullshit the Taliban was getting up to before 9/11. They destroyed some historical Buddha statues despite an international outcry. Keep in mind these people are destroying the religious relics of other religions and are the same sort of assholes who get mad if someone draws their false Prophet. Yeah, I went there.

These guys are a group of murdering, torturing, raping psychotic punks. They’re pathetic, they’re hurting others only because they are in a group. Singled out they would be cowards, losers who wouldn’t have any success in any part of life. Because they’re too weak to go out and do anything for themselves, that is of themselves. Instead they’re just rolling rage-balls attacking others and generally making the world a worse place.

If a presidential candidate made it a part of his platform that he would have every member of ISIS hunted down and summarily executed, he would not only get my vote but my money and my time. This group is literally making the world a worse place for everyone. Raping defenseless women and forcing them into sex slavery, destroying their lives and impacting their families. Murdering innocent people, and destroying their lives and impacting everyone who knows them. Basically shattering the lives of everyone they come across who isn’t so craven and depraved as to join them. Then, that isn’t enough. They have to rob the world of our historical heritage. They cheapen humanity with their every breath.

That won’t be enough. These cowards will find another way to make the world worse.
Bel TempleThis sort of historical-item-atrocity is par for the course for lunatics. Destruction of historical sites and cultural knowledge can only come from the heart of an evil individual, and yes evil must exist for people who would round up and gang-rape hundreds of women. For the longest time there has been this strange idea that we shouldn’t criticize other cultures or nations because the way they do things is just the way they do things and who are we to judge? Well, aside from the simple truth that cultural relativism is a doomed philosophy and is destined to allow brutal nutjobs to continue their war on innocents, there’s also the matter that any culture or person destroying the fabric of our history is pretty well a walking, jibbering virus wrecking everything they touch.

Of course, “Not all Muslims.” Sure: we can allow for that exception. This obviously isn’t the work of a billion people. But when you stand by and don’t criticize this you are a part of the problem. When I’m pointing the finger at these dicks there’s no reason for a moderate/peaceful/sane Muslim to take offense — unless, deep down, they have some agreement with these idiots. Calling me out because not all Muslims are extremists when I’m only criticizing the extremists is kind of like calling me racist for pointing out that, on the whole, a black person is more likely to be killed by another black person than a cop. There’s no statement there that all cops are good or that all black people commit murder. But some do — and, as is the case with Muslim extremists, the minority committing the crime is also committing a majority of the crime.

The same can be said about bad cops. The few parasitic viruses are causing most of the trouble. I have no doubt that ISIS represents a small percentage of Muslims, just as I have no doubt that the black criminals killing their fellow blacks are a minority of the overall black population. There are, as said, a billion Muslims. There are tens of millions of black Americans. If all of either group suddenly started committing crimes and atrocities on the level of the violent minority we would be having a much different discussion. A small group of crazy, dedicated people could shut our society down with a few well placed, well trained snipers — remember the trouble caused by two in DC? If you suddenly turn that into a significant portion of a population then chaos will certainly reign.

Baal Shamin Temple -- InsideBut it doesn’t. So yes, let’s stop interrupting every discussion of a minority of bad actors with a defense of the majority of good, well-behaved human beings. We get it: Not all of (any group). Duh, not even most of (any group). Otherwise we’d all be hiding in bunkers and exchanging fire with any strangers we came across. This Dystopian hellhole hasn’t come about, so let’s move on as a culture. (As an aside, let’s stop with the “not all women” or “not all men” arguments, as well. We know.)

However, if you do find yourself arguing with a person that claims “ALL of (group)” does whatever behavior — stop. Go look at some nature. This person is not worth your time or trying to convince. If all of a group actually does something is isn’t a stereotype it’s just true (example: all living humans breathe, whether with help or of their own power).

Anyway, off of that tangent and back to the main point. I’ve updated this post and littered it with pictures of the temples. They don’t, at first glance, look like a whole lot. They’re just some stone columns and walls. But they’ve stood there for many more years than most structures on Earth will, most of that time standing without any person repairing them. They were historical sites of a type we cannot replace. There is no amount of money that can bring them back. If there were other secrets to be found in them, they are lost forever.

Just like all the happy lives ruined by these scumbags. It isn’t just about some ruins in the middle of Syria: that just encapsulates just what kind of assholes we’re dealing with. The only thing sacred to them is their own short-sighted beliefs, needs, and wants. The rest of the world can either fall in line or fuck off. It must be a freeing experience to not care a whit about anyone other than yourself, to feel entitled to take what you want and destroy everything you don’t like. Yet, somehow, these bastards just seem angrier and angrier.

Maybe they’d be happier if they were just better in every way.