Kasich and Rubio Votes Are For Hillary

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Let’s be honest

Regardless of which side you fall on there are two people with a path to the Republican nomination outside of a nominating fight: Cruz or Trump. Numerically speaking it is impossible for either Kasich or Rubio to get there. Sure, there are enough delegates left but it would be nothing short of a miracle for either man to succeed in taking enough of those delegates to get it. After today they’d need close to 100%. That doesn’t happen in a two, three, or four person race.

What could happen is that fools could vote for Rubio and Kasich enough to drag this fight out and keep both Cruz and Trump short of the magic number. Then there would be a contested convention, and the party would choose someone like Rubio or Romney, maybe Jeb, maybe Kasich. Outside chance they’d choose Cruz. Either way, Trump would run as an independent (with good reason) if he had more than a plurality of delegates and he would siphon votes away from the Republican Chosen One.

Hillary Clinton would become the president. She would replace Scalia, she would replace Ginsberg, she would likely replace Kennedy, and… see how that works? America just vanished. Gun rights just vanished. The middle class never recovers.

Even if Trump didn’t run, there are a whole hell of a lot of people who will never vote for Jeb, or Kasich, or Rubio. I won’t. I will never vote for someone in favor of the destruction of the working class. Sorry, you had my vote in 2008 and 2012 because I had the damn sense to recognize how awful Obama would be for our rights, but at this point I’m done being the neglected step-child. If you won’t try it with one of my guys (my entire adult life it has been the candidate whose turn it is, so far), just once — just once in my adult life run with someone who actually gives a damn — then…

I’m not aiding and abetting the murder of American citizens, at the hands of illegals, at the hands of “refugees”, or the destruction of middle America. Sorry.

Basically if you vote for Kasich or Rubio, you’re a fool and you’re voting for Hillary Clinton. Honestly, I voted for Cruz in MS to guarantee he would come in ahead of Rubio to further damage Rubio’s chances, but if you vote for Cruz in Ohio then you’re voting for Kasich, and that means Hillary. Voting for Cruz in Florida won’t make a damn bit of difference — that route is closed off. But Ohio is close enough for the machine to rig it, or for a few low information idiots to give the state to their home-town banker.

And, thus, Hillary.