Knee Surgery — One Week On

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It’s been almost exactly a week since I was rendered unconscious with the intent of the doctor doing an arthroscopic joint wash on my knee. That was last Tuesday at around 17:15 or so.

In the last week, I’ve went from needing a walker to get around (an entirely unsuitable mode of transportation where tight navigation is required), to needing just a cane (much more suitable), and to as of today sometimes walking without it. Walking, I think I’ve got.

It’s other bending of the knee that I’m having some trouble with. Good thing I’ve got a follow up on Friday.

At least now my knee is back to the size of a normal human knee.

Soon, I’ll be back to walking the dog. My two plus month streak of not missing a day, rain or shine or sickness, was broken the day I had surgery. Up until that point, even while limping the day before, I got him out there.

I will never underestimate a shower again.