Lamb’s Club Seconds

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Before I start, for those of my readers who don’t smoke or are new to it and aren’t sure what a second is: these are the cigars that aren’t good enough to sell as first run cigars. There are usually flaws of some sort (mostly, in my experience, visibly!) that would turn off most buyers. I’ve had seconds of all types, from many different companies. I’ve yet to have one that was unsmokable. Even the machine made seconds (which is a double whammy in my opinion) have been good smokes.

Second, Lamb’s Club is a brand that, as far as I am aware, is a brand of the Finck Cigar Company. I’ve had the Seconds, Cubano, and regular Lamb’s Club cigars.

So now, on to the cigar:

Lamb’s Club Seconds
Despite the label of Seconds, these have been far and away some of the best value in a cost:smokability ratio kind of way. The construction is going to vary from cigar to cigar given the fact they were rejected: So far, the only thing I’ve noticed that is irregular are occasionally veiny wrappers and some uneven coloring. They’re not as smooth as other cigars when you look close. Fortunately, I don’t buy a cigar to look at it.

The draw, in my experience, has been pretty easy. Occasionally one will feel a little choked up, and every once in a while the wrapper is fragile enough to interfere with that. The flavor is pretty consistent, a little woody and light. These aren’t overpowering. But the smell — ah the smell. I don’t know if I just like the smell of a smoking cigar or what — but these are great smelling smokes. The smoke goes with the smell, not too tough but not too weak or light.

The burn on these cigars is pretty good. They burn evenly and stay lit, which is all I can ask for from that aspect. I have had these with Scotch and beer, and not found a drink they don’t get along with. These are really pleasant smokes, and thanks to their Seconds price tag, they’re the kind of cigar I like to have when I’m doing something that distracts from the actual smoking experience. Mowing the lawn, cooking at the grill, doing some sort of chore where I can’t pay attention to the cigar as much as I’d like. They’re also some of my go-to cigars for going to a place like a pool hall or a bar, where there’s going to be other smoke trapped with me.