Lent, 2017

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Starting tonight, I’m going to be trying a few things for Lent. These include:

– Avoiding most political/news sites, and other bad-habits that I tend to waste time on. Because these are bad for me (c’mon just gimme an update, gimme my fix), and I should use my time better.

– No added sugars. No junk food, fast food, or alcohol. Because these are also bad for me. I’m going to move toward a “keto” diet, starting next week, so this week I’m ramping down what junk I eat and consume.

Actually, that’s pretty much it. I am going to be doing intermittent fasting as well. I’m going to hold myself to a daily status post, or at least near daily, to keep track of my habits and cravings.

I am going to attempt to fill these absences with meditation, prayer, and creativity.

Here’s to the next 44-ish days. Unlike some, I’m not going to take Sundays off. And as I make progress I have a few ideas for further restrictions.