Liberal Author Stalks, Violently Attacks Reader

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Y’know, anyone doing a job in public is going to be subject to criticism. The best thing to do is ignore it (even when they’re wrong), unless it is incorrect and the public fall out of correcting them is less than the damage their statements are causing: a situation that will rarely occur.

But that’s not what liberal author Richard Brittain did over a one-star review. He found the reviewer’s Facebook page, he found out where she worked, and then he went there and tried to brain her with a full wine bottle. Insulting the world wasn’t enough with his bad prose — he had to actually go out and assault people in person as well. The book in question apparently features a prominent character based on another woman he stalked (a common behavior in nanny-type liberal men).

“But Adam,” you say. “Just because he attacks someone doesn’t make him a liberal!”

Aha, but the politics section of his blog is… illuminating:

There will be no smokers in our realm; no-one shall willingly pollute themselves. Instead, they will be shown the clear water of life. This movement will become their addiction. In our realm, physical fitness shall be paramount.

No personal choices! (bonus: implied “fat shaming”!)

I dislike cars. I dislike their elitism, their separation, their smell, their sound. The number of cars on our roads will diminish year by year. Their components will be recycled and put to better use. The bicycle industry will boom, but there will be no need to build new lanes because the roads will be free of less efficient forms of vehicle.

No personal choices! Environment! Nobody can live very far from work!

There will be patrols, by people in green uniforms who have the power to fine anyone found to be wasting electricity or not correctly disposing of their waste.

Heil Gaia!

This movement will become our religion. All those beautiful, inspiring church buildings will once again become hubs of the community, but no-one will be lectured on things which they do not believe in. Whenever possible, buildings shall be beautiful, and we will seek to rediscover ancient crafts.

No personal choices!

This is just some of his 1984-ish idea list for how to make the world better by turning everyone into an automaton. Because, see, if you don’t think, act, and live the way this guy wants you to… he might sneak up on you and hit you with a wine bottle.