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Full docket today in celebration of the death of Fred Phelps. George Takai may be taking the high road, but that man was a dickwad and the world is better off without him.

Speaking of, Why Women and Gays should not be allowed in male safe space. I agree — if heterosexual men want to chill with other heterosexual men, that’s our business. Same if lesbians want a lesbian only club, or Linux users want a Linux-only group. Sometimes you just want to hang out with people who see the world your way and not worry about outsiders. Although personally — I don’t care either way if someone is a homosexual as long as they’re not obnoxious.

Speaking of, Douchebag vs. Gable: The Clash of Masculinities. “When a real man walks into the room… the douchebags don’t stand a chance.” Amen. There is a difference between an almost comical devotion to “masculine” traits and being a man. Too many young men are going in the comical direction.

Rand Paul is going to be dangerous. If he can keep his dick out of the wrong holes.

Alpha Adam vs Thirsty Theodore. I like this because Adam is my name, and Alpha is my game! (Could. Not. Resist.)

Don Lemon is an idiot and so is Mary Schiavo. A small blackhole wouldn’t swallow our “whole universe.” There was a (plausible) theory for a while that a small blackhole caused the Tunguska blast.

Now for something completely different.

New Jack Daniels book out.

Ask Correia 16: Outlining vs Pantsing. I honestly find I’m better at it when I pants, than when I outline.