Matt Forney’s Translation Service and More

Matt Forney, of Most Favored Blogger Status, has a post up illustrating one of the way he won said status: A Glossary of Leftist and Feminist Terminology. My favorite three: 1950s, Creepy, and Gun Control (because I’m something of a Gun Nut(tm)), with Misogyny as an honorable mention. All of them are true.

Talk about a sense of entitlement: Chick expects footballer to spend money on her because, well, she’s a chick. She goes right up there with the girl suing her parents for support because they like, totally, like, have rules and stuff so she can’t, like, live at home.

Vox has some good quotes Showing the ignorance of Cosmos and some other puffed up know-it-alls. (And the first rule of being a know-it-all? Don’t.)

In addition to being an asshole, Bob Costas is also a hypocrite.