No Comments on “MGTOW”

I’ve seen a few people talking about this term lately; apparently when I wasn’t looking it was co-opted.

Here’s my brief take: Most people throwing this label around right now are bullshitters and assholes looking for a club to belong to.

You’ll note that guys like Cernovich, Forney, and Clarey don’t put a label on themselves like this. Because they did go their own way — they forged their own path. But a bunch of dudes now are just angry because they suck at female interaction (it isn’t hard, girls are people too most of the time) or don’t have a job (get a skill), and they just whine.

A few weeks ago I pointed out that sometimes you have to close your mouth when you’re being fed bullshit — sometimes you need to close it when you’re spouting it, too. You aren’t a “man going your own way”, you’re a loser trying to make yourself feel better.

You will note that a lot of the most successful blogs out there offer positivity: Pride and Cernovich pretty much lay out, “here’s how you CAN do this”, while Roosh offers tips on how to follow in his footsteps. They don’t bitch about how hard it is, or snark about successful people.

Story time, kids: When I was younger and it was still new, I watched the Sopranos all the time. In one episode, an actual Italian-from-Italy gangster is in New Jersey doing a pick up for the boss. The person is complaining about the amount he has to pay, or perhaps the Italian’s methods. The mobster says, “No bitch to me!”

No bitch to me.

(As an aside, I’m tempted to rename “Men’s Issues” as a category to neomasculinity because I love that term. I only use “Men’s Issues” because I hate “manosphere” the way I now hate “MGTOW”…)