Mississippi Votes — and so does Cigars and Legs

But strategically

The Democrat side is decided, otherwise I might be tempted to vote for the lesser of two evils over there. Luckily I don’t have to try to determine which of them that is. On the Republican side it is decided as well: Trump is going to win my state by ten or more points.

However, despite endorsing Trump, I am going to strategically vote for Ted Cruz. Knowing the outcome, and with the polls showing a tight race for second, I cannot stand the idea of Rubio coming in second in my home state. It just bothers me too much. The sooner we push him out, the sooner it ends up being Trump versus Cruz. To me, that is an ideal matchup for a couple of reasons. One, there’s almost no chance of a brokered convention: the Establishment can’t screw it up, then.

Two, Cruz has an uphill battle but he may be able to make a play for Vice President, which I think would do the nation well. A lot of people on the Trump side like to hate on Cruz but he’s really the best bet: Trump picking Christie may make me sit out in November. I hate Chris Christie that much. Kasich and Rubio are non-options. Them being a heartbeat away would open up the Establishment to doing any dirty trick they could to get Trump kicked out, from day one forward.

Cruz scares the Establishment almost as much as Trump. There’s a reason for that. Sessions and Cruz sponsored a great, wonderful modification to the H1B Visa program. I’m all about a Cruz VP slot.

Also, it’s win-win if it comes down to Trump or Cruz, to me. Cruz’s originalist outlook on the Constitution is extremely important post-Scalia. We need someone there fighting to replace Scalia (and the next judge to vacate) with strong originalists — not the cowards like Roberts that the GOPe likes to nominate.

So I vote for Cruz, because Trump is winning anyway — and it further damages Rubio’s chances.