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Negotiating While Stupid. Of course she was rejected for being a woman; it has nothing to do with the fact she’s asking for a) more money and b) less work (and a lot of time off) right out of the gate.

Obama is a big joke internationally. Bush may have said words wrong, but at least he wasn’t a joke.

More Money than ever, still running a deficit.

Rand Paul encourages a little sanity on social issues. Social issues are losing issues. There’s no reason to worry about legislating them when we’re fiscally boned and a giant joke.

Uncle Reviews A Gun Safe.

NRA may make Surgeon General vote hurt. Good; stupidity should be painful. (Anti-gun bullshit is also why I think the Ben Carson people are fools; same for Chris Christie. No thanks.)

A Taxonomy of My Haters, which also leads into…

Democrats attack Bride’s wedding dress. War on women, and all, right? (Democrats also mocked John Roberts’ kids when he was confirmed.)

Why I Publish With Baen. Personally, I like being a lone wolf, but if I were to sign up for a publisher… Also, the ridiculous response from Scalzi and his acolytes is just… making Vox’s point all over again.

Nobody likes malls, or really anything they think they’re cool for making fun of… until they realize they’re wrong.

How to Properly Pour a Beer, in case you ever have to pour mine.

And finally.

I’ve said this so many times, to friends, on twitter, on previous blogs that I’ve memory-holed…

Be Careful With Your Genitals.