Monster Hunter International Review

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On Monday, I finished International (Monster Hunter), by Larry Correia. I had that on my list for quite some time; with my recent motivation I made getting back into reading fiction a priority. Outside of some short Elmore Leonard works, this is the first fiction book I have finished in quite some time.

Because I could hardly put it down.

I like the Good, Bad, and Ugly form of a review so that’s what I’m going to do here, keeping to the late Mr. Leonard’s credo of not writing anything that the reader may want to skip:

The Good

Correia likes action, so he likes to write action. Fortunately, most of us like to read action. This is not dry writing. He does not waste your time. This book is about people who hunt monsters and fight them. That is the basic premise and hence the title. He jumps right into that, and keeps jumping into it, forcing our hero against stronger foes. Foes who get pretty evil by the end of it all, up to and including the type of monster that wants to end the world.

His writing is great because he doesn’t dwell, with a few exceptions.

The Bad

I like guns a whole lot, but Correia is on a different plane, and there were times I started to skip long descriptions of weaponry. But when this is the only real point under “bad” you’ve got a pretty good book. At least he gets it right. (I am often accused of being too descriptive of certain points, so I am not casting any stones at Correia here. Just mentioning it.)

The Ugly

Owen Pitt’s face, apparently. Correia really wants us to know: Dude ugly.

That goes without saying; all dudes ugly.

All in all, I would highly recommend this if you have a pulse. I need some kind of cheesy cigar-based rating system for these reviews so that I can give this one full marks.