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An Open Letter

Y’know, it wasn’t too terribly long ago that I used to longingly check the requirements for SFWA membership. Then I decided to go at it on my own (partly thanks to Konrath) rather than tie myself to a business model I see as outdated. This sort of pre-disqualifies me from membership.

Never really been so glad as I am lately.

The thing with Vox was one thing — he’s a bit of a bomb thrower. But then when this Hugo mess started up… seriously, Larry Correia is a problem?

Vox says controversial stuff sometimes (if you’re looking to get bent out of shape). Correia… you have to be a professional victim or outrage peddler to get worked up about what he says. The most controversial thing he said was that trying to sell books based on the sexuality of the characters isn’t good for your career — which is the truth. Nobody wants to be preached at.

Also, way to alienate. “Hm, I like Vox, Correia, and Hoyt, and you guys hate them. ERMAGERD LETS BE FRIENDS” is not a likely outcome.

On another note, I used to read Charlie Stross’s blog and have a book of his somewhere I meant to read one day. After some of the things I’ve seen coming from that side of the pond… no, I think I’ll donate that one to the library. Glad I stopped reading his blog when I did, hm.