My Fellow Americans — An Open Letter

To: Democrats & Leftists, Republicans, GOP Establishment types, Conservatives, “SJW”, Moderates, the Never Trump people, and more.

From: Your never humble host.

Hi. I disagree with all of you, and all of you disagree with me. See below for my letter to all of you, regarding candidate Trump, my own beliefs, and so on and so forth. Because a discussion and explanation is in order.

Democrats and other Leftists

Listen, we got off on a bad start. All my adult life, any time I’ve disagreed with any of your stances, I’ve been called one or more of the following: sexist, racist, or some flavor of phobic. The problem with these statements is that I cannot actually prove my own mind. As a youth, I often wanted to argue with the labels. Now the same old tropes have been brought out against Trump and his supporters — but don’t worry, you aren’t alone in doing this. Through the years, those on “my side” have actively courted your favor by bashing me whenever it was politically expedient — or whenever they disagreed with me, regardless of the merits.

It wasn’t enough that at every turn you went with the name-calling about me being afraid or hateful. Also, on the topic of the second amendment, you spent a great deal of time focused on my penis which was, to use a popular term, creepy. But that’s not what I’m writing about now. See, in 2008 your guy won, and ever since he announced any time I’ve disagreed with him on anything I’ve been accused of racism. Even when the issues I disagree with him on are the same ones you excoriated Bush over. It’s an odd thing, but your naked fear of criticism and disagreement have proven that these tactics are just that — an attempt to avoid criticism or disagreement.

Ever since Trump brought illegal immigration and radical Islam to the forefront of the campaign he has been called racist (which is odd, as “illegal immigrant” and “Muslim” aren’t race). When he’s made attacks no worse than your own on conservative women, against any woman, he’s a sexist. Because of this, so are all of his supporters.

The thing is — the wolf was never there before when you started crying. Every election in my life time you’ve called the Republican Hitler, racist, or sexist. Every single time. Bush was called “Chimpy McBushHitler.” The wolf has never been there when you cried wolf. Your cries of wolf are now ignored — and it is you, not us, that has to come to the table offering apologies, hat in hand. Because we’ve tried it your way and you created a nation of baby college students.

Conservatives and Churchians

I was with you. That’s the hardest part of all this — we were allies, we worked together, we believed in many of the same things. Or so I thought. Everything was about smaller government, about just getting the right candidate. But as I’ve seen in recent times, the “right candidate” is often someone wholly obsessed with abortion, or worse — the “right candidate” will turn on me for a nickel. Paul Ryan was supposedly this conservative savior, come down from handsomeville to rescue us and unite the party. He didn’t even deliver his home state and he turned on us the moment it was politically advantageous.

Also, our common cry was the same — “we just need a candidate who will fight!” Well, we have one. And he’s aiming his guns at the other side this time, as opposed to McCain — remember how we felt when he turned on us like the scorpion he is? Stung us, and hard.

But now… you, too? You call us racist and sexist and all manner of bigoted? You trot out scripture in some holier-than-thou attempt to shame us into voting for a candidate?

There’s a reason church attendance is down — and it isn’t the fault of the media or secular America. It’s wishy washy Churchians, obsessed, burdened by tunnel vision, too concerned about anal sex to see the big picture. It’s the economy, stupid. It’s radical Islam. It’s things that actually impact every day Americans. What dudes do in their bedroom doesn’t.

We don’t have time for this anymore. You blew your political capital.

Also, what does conservatism even stand for? It isn’t smaller government — a large swath of policies endorsed by conservatives and conservative candidates actually grow the government, and don’t net any gains for Americans.

GOP Establishment Types

We did amnesty once in the 80s. When Bush tried it again, you ran into a brick wall. In 2010 we elected a great deal of people with “R” after their name in large part to prevent it, and to fight against the poorly designed Affordable Care Act. In 2013, you stabbed conservatives in the back to reduce the impact of a possible government shutdown over funding that law. In 2014, more of your “R” people got elected. And every time, it was on empty promises about ACA, immigration, and so on.

But you all oppose any sort of immigration reform, and we can see it. When someone steps out of line on any issue — as Ted Cruz has done — you stomp down on them, hard. And you call us racist, too. Now you’re talking about third party or backing Hillary.

Go for it.

You’ve been nestled up with the left for a long time, there’s no longer really a difference between the establishment wings of the parties. You both want to bend and twist the government to help the super rich — bankers, Wall Street — at the expense of everyone else. This isn’t just populist rhetoric — there’s clear evidence of both parties scheming to help their rich donors.

So try it. Step out of the big tent and put up your own, reveal who you really are.


Listen, when everything is offensive, nothing is, ok? You’re doing the same wolf-crying nonsense as everyone else in this letter. You’ve tied yourself to too many hoaxes to be taken seriously.


Just admit where you actually stand already. You aren’t moderate, you just want both groups to court your favor. You know what you think and believe.

And stop worrying so much about the tone of campaigns, and focus on the actual hard issues.

Finally, Never Trump

You’re talking about taking your ball and go home. As I said to the GOPe above, do it. Don’t show up. Don’t come to vote. Don’t donate. And then when Trump still wins?

We all know how powerless and ineffective you really are.

Your uselessness to the election map will be laid bare. Everyone will realize just how insignificant you are. And don’t think we won’t remember: when you folks started talking about keeping lists, we did start keeping lists.

Don’t come looking for influence or a spot at the table in January, 2017. Those seats will be spoken for. We’ll win without you — and win big — and then you’ll truly know despair as we no longer have to listen to your stupid asses.


P.S. Someone put Glenn Beck on suicide watch. I heard a bit of him this morning and he, along with the littlest Chickenhawk Ben Shapiro, are acting very smug and haughty about the situation. But that’s a mask, and a fairly transparent one. You folks made your bed and already understand just how fucked you are, and you’re trying to play it cool — but it’s too cool, it’s phony, and one day you’ll be unable to deny the shame any longer. Shapiro and Beck have been worse than anyone on the left, worse than any SJW, and I have nothing but disdain for their demented souls.