National Novel Writing Month (NNWM), Election, Etc

Shortly I intend to take a small break from election coverage and write on my NNWM novel (a new Cigars and Legs, even though the last is still yet to go out the door!), because even though I took off last week I have managed to get about a day behind. Or, at least, that is where I left it yesterday: right at the border between being a full day back to reach my goal, and being right on point.

Last week I took a commanding lead — I was several days ahead on Thursday. But it was one of those weekends where I just wanted to goof off and recharge, especially knowing this week was coming.

As for the election… well, I’ve said it before: I think Trump is going to win, and win big(ly). I believe there are a lot of voters out there on the same page as the Donald, and I fully expect a lot of consernation in the media as the results roll in. My stance for over a month has been: 52-38 in the popular vote, and 40-ish states for Trump.

I just don’t see the Hillary people showing up.

If I’m wrong, well, I’m wrong. It has to happen eventually.