Neoconservative Men Hate Women

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Especially Intimidating Women

I never thought I’d agree with leftists and social justice types about anything when it comes to neocons. But lately, looking at the actions of a few prominent neoconservative men, I cannot help but notice that many of them have deep-seated issues with women. These issues are magnified — “bigly” — when the woman is in some way intimidating (smart, powerful, not ugly).

In fact, one of the biggest neocon sites on the internet, Red State, specifically hates women and it isn’t hard to see why. When your wife leaves you in a public, embarrassing way and is later found to be involved in Ashley Madison… yikes. Do you know how few real women were on that site? That’s pretty desperate to get someone who isn’t her husband.

Exhibit A: When they posted and would not remove an obviously photoshopped picture of Sarah Palin. Photoshopped to give her bigger and more on display cleavage — the bimboification of someone they oppose. Because to those obsessed with identity politics, the people who live for their political beliefs, anyone they oppose must be dehumanized.

Especially women. We usually see this on the left — the mainstream left unpersons women and minorities who cross political divides. But the neocons do it, too, and often, and viciously.

Prime example: Rick Wilson implying Donald Trump pays Ann Coulter for anal sex in a fit after he was attacked by trolls unrelated to Trump or Coulter. Most anyone else would find their political career in shambles if they targeted someone with such an accusation. Had his target been, say, a woman opining for CNN, the man would be lucky to work a checkout line at a K-Mart five hundred miles from civilization.

Then he later teamed up with the self-hating woman running the NeverTrump ad featuring Melania’s photoshoot pictures. She ran these to slut-shame Melania Trump. Had her target been a liberal woman she’d be done, too — but because of the persistent “othering”…

Back to the big Cuck State site: one of their prime editors called Melania Trump a whore. No such anger was directed at Michelle “First Time Proud” Obama. Because the neocons reserve their worst poison for those on the right.

These are but a few examples. But watch them. Watch how they talk about women, sepcifically, that oppose their views. They understand that dehumanizing women is their best weapon of intimidation. The need to bring her down is amplified by any status she holds over them: neocons hate smart, powerful, or non-ugly women who oppose them.

And they’ll photoshop them, they’ll slut shame them, they’ll body shame them — all because of their bitter hatred of women they can’t control.