New Book, Tasks, Forward.

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Something different

I’ve been a little quieter than planned. In addition to catching up on a backlog of things to do, I’ve been doing some editing on the next Cigars and Legs book. It’s going to be a collection of shorts and a novella, a little more to it than the White Dames. After I put that collection out, I’m going to combine everything so far into a collection: The Boots Are Red, The Boots Come Off, the White Dames, and the upcoming collection.

Then the next collection starts, when we’ll join Ron on a case starting in the summer of 1957: this will begin the arc that closes out the 1950s for Ron, Audrey, and the town. I’ve sketched out several stories that can take place over the rest of Ron’s career — and a few taking place closer to the present, in the same universe.

Cigars and Legs alone could keep me writing for the rest of my life. The current collection is in the final stages: I’ve got to make a few corrections and get it out to my proofreader, then it’s cover time. I have a few ideas for that.

Further, as everyone knows, I enjoy genre-hopping; I started with fantasy, then started writing hardboiled/mystery. I’ve always wanted to write horror/dark fantasy — think scary, creepy haunted houses and various mythological creatures, not gore — and something adventurous in the vein of the Rocketeer, the Phantom, Indiana Jones and the like — so I’ve put a few novels worth of work into various stories in these two genres. That’s forthcoming. I’d like to publish something horror-related by Halloween, because… Halloween.

Additionally, as I wrote before about frustrations — I’ve been working on habits and getting myself into a system to be more successful and accomplishing goals rather than pining away for them. I’m going to start talking about a few of the books I’ve read that have helped me realize what I’m doing wrong. We really are our own worst enemy in many ways. Often my lack of discipline and will to actually get out and do something has hurt me.

The big point is: keep moving forward. Forward, forward. Build momentum — forward.

Finally, I have several domain names that are sitting idle. At some point I need to make use of those. I’ve oscillated between this and (currently a link here), but feel like I’ve built this brand enough that the blog should stay here — which leaves me with, and and a few more for the other series’ I’m working on. But I haven’t actually done anything with those. (I also have vile770 and cuckstate or some other parody of the two shittiest sites on the internet.)

It’s too damn hot to do too much outdoors here on the gulf coast — aka Satan’s Wifi Hotspot. This gives me plenty of motivation to do work indoors. On to fall.