NFL. Bleh.

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End of the year coming up. Already wrote I’m burned out on politics. Wake up Sunday, the NFL idiots in London kneel during the anthem.

Nope. Didn’t watch a minute of football. Won’t be until they remedy this to my satisfaction and Roger Goodell apologizes to the President for being an assclown or is fired. Because when he’s willing to stand for this lie, but won’t let the Cowboys wear decals to honor police officers? Nope. Not getting a second of my attention.

People are turning them off in droves, and here is why: the internet has removed gatekeepers. There’s more entertainment out there than people have hours. I can never watch or read everything I want to. I don’t have the time. No longer is entertainment competing for my money — now they’re competing for my time, and I have a lot of things I could be doing.

So they’re more than welcome to fuck off.