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Huff Po panties twisted over the name Irish Car Bomb and I can’t resist poking fun:

First, the Irish Car Bomb is an American cocktail — it’s only called Irish because of the use of Guinness, Baileys Irish Cream and Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Yes, when using all Irish ingredients for a cocktail (which seems like a worse name for this type of drink to me as I do not think “cocktail” when I think “Guinness, whiskey, and Irish Cream”), the name “Irish” got appended. That’s awful hateful.

Second, we call it a car bomb because when the shot of Baileys is dropped into the glass of Guinness, it bubbles up like an explosion.

You are doing it wrong if this happens, just as you are doing it wrong if the Baileys curdles.

It got the name “car bomb” in association with the Troubles, sure. But a “bomb shot” or “depth charge” is a much older way to refer to a shot of one spirit dropped into a beer. A boilermaker is a type of bomb shot, but because the person making it famous called it that instead of any sort of bomb related name, that’s just what we call it. A lot of them also involve a soda or energy drink, but whiskey is where it started.

Yes, it is in fact a little insensitive. But it’s a combination of two spirits and beer. It isn’t for the faint at heart. I only discovered this while looking for a better shot glass to use for it; I have a set of plastic “red cup” shot glasses because I don’t usually do shots, and plastic shot glasses in an Irish car bomb are pretty much the Antichrist. Do not make my mistake, people. But I enjoy this mix because it tastes pretty good; though a local brew called Mystery Romp is far better than Guinness. Perhaps that is no longer an Irish car bomb. Maybe it’s a Mystery Bomb. That mix literally tastes like coffee.

(Seriously do not make it with plastic shot glasses.)