Obsession with pockets.

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Ever since I’ve started getting involved in refining and improving my every day carry, I’ve started to notice that I’m running out of pockets. My current daily carry is made up of…

Two knives — a small Kershaw and a Swiss Army.
Two light sources — my cigar lighter and 4Sevens flashlight
Pocket square/handkerchief.
Cigar cutter
Keys, alarm fob.
Altoids Smalls tin with regular Altoids (the smalls have some gross sugar replacement in them that I’m not fond of).
Chapstick, although as rarely as I use this one…
Small notebook, pen.
Pocket pill… thing, that is shaped like a bullet. Since the knee surgery I keep NSAIDs at hand.
Tilley hat, which has a pocket in it (SCORE)
Glassed, wedding ring, paracord bracelet, and watch — all on my person.
That’s probably not it but I’ll stop there. I’d like to add a regular sized Altoids tin with some first aid supplies in it, just because.

This does not include the crap in my car or cheap canvas messenger bag.

Jeans most days means I can fit most of this, but it is more comfortable with a shirt that has a pocket or two. Carhartt makes some nice button ups with two and I’ve been transitioning to these, especially since my new phone is bigger than a fat girl’s areolas.

Anyway, if I add anything else to my carry I’m going to have to start wearing the utility vest that Wash wears in Firefly.