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– Cutting the grass is a great time to smoke a cigar. Preferably not a super fancy one, though, as it can be a little jarring and the smells can interfere with the enjoyment thereof. However, not while pouring gas INTO the lawnmower (as manly as that sounds).

– After World War II, there was a lot of productivity and discoveries made. After WWII, people drank during work lunches and smoked like chimneys. Now, most people do neither. The economy sucks. My economic recovery act? Three martini lunches (six for bosses so they leave workers alone after lunch).

– The reason pinups aren’t as big a deal now as they once were: In the 1950s and 60s (and even 70s), women looked like… well, women from those decades. Since the 80s there’s been a trend toward weirder and weirder looking women being “hot”: Ellen Barkin? Bo Derek? Both of them have alien faces. No thanks, 80s! Jenny McCarthy, Pam Anderson? Again with the alien faces and now with added 90% plastic bodies. Don’t even get me started on the naughties and teens. (There were people counting down until the 18th birthday of the malnourished Olsen Twins).

Pinups require women who look more like Jennifer Connely in Mulholland Falls, and less like Jennifer Connely now.

– Another thing that is missing from the 50s: Men wearing hats, other than the baseball cap variety.

Men should wear hats. They are very utilitarian. Even the tricky Japanese tanooki wears a hat to protect himself from bad weather.

Also, the new douchebag cap with the really odd shaped brim is not a hat to be worn by an adult man.

I wear my Tilley Hat all the time. Because of the sun. And wind, and rain. It helps. Also, it has a pocket in it which is just — another pocket! Pockets are great.

– Speaking of wind, we’ve had quite a lot of it in the last seven days down here at Casa de Cigars and Legs. More than normal. I blame Al Gore — he invented global warming!