Open Rebellion

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As of this writing, twenty-three state governors, including my own, have outright said they will not support any new refugees coming to their states. This is a (late) reaction to the events in Paris. At least one governor-elect indicates he will align with the current rebellious governors. A few have indicated they will instruct state law enforcement to prevent anyone else from being brought in. The next step from that, of course, is having the National Guard block any envoys of refugees. The step after that…

Now, I’m not calling for rebellion in a violent sense. That’d be foolhardy given the nature of our government and elections. But I am saying these governors need to stick to their gubernatorial nutsacks and not back down when the administration tries to strong-arm them. Any representative or senator from these states should do their damnedest to support them as well. The simple truth of the matter is that some 70% of the refugees are men of fighting age, often men traveling alone. That is not a mass exodus, nor is it representative of the population makeup in the region.

It is, quite frankly, an invasion. And we should use every means at our disposal to resist, just like the human body tries to resist infection. Here’s what we don’t do: We don’t stick a syringe of the stuff into our body and push the plunger down.

Of course, rebellion is in my blood: we were rebels against England and the United States, and if you go further back there were likely rebels against England at some other point in the long and storied history of people fighting back against the British Empire. This can most readily be seen in my almost pathological need to disrespect authority. Telling me I can’t do something is tantamount to inviting me to do that thing.

The government is supposed to work for the people, not any sort of reverse. We do not belong to the government, it belongs to us. That saying is damn near a bumper sticker (one I might consider breaking my hatred of them for), but it sums it up succinctly as possible. The people in Washington, in statehouses, the federal employees all serve at our leisure. Unfortunately, we’ve forgotten that until fairly recently and we don’t fire enough of them. But violating our trust is cause to be fired. Ever since 2006 the American people have been trying to fire Congress but unfortunately the politicians on both sides have turned out to stink by and large.

That said, they still work for us. And anyone who stands against our desire to protect ourselves should be reminded of that fact next November. A politician crosses the voters at his own peril. We don’t have to conspire and plan and try to violently overthrow the government — we can openly rebel by sending them home at the ballot box. We just have to be sure that we don’t replace them with more of the same.