Politics and Sexual Misconduct

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Let’s just briefly go over this, and why the shrieking media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) are going to be upset at the end of the day. We’ll start with current attempt at high ground:

Al Franken resigned! Trump/Moore/anyone else I say should resign!

Al Franken has not resigned yet, and I bet he won’t if Roy Moore wins today. Also, he is in a solid blue state with a Democrat governor who will appoint a solid blue replacement for him. There is no political risk for the Democrats here.

Do you think Al Franken would have offered to resign if he were in a red state, or even a purple state with a Republican governor?

Do you think the Democrats would have turned on him if that were the case?

Do you think they would have even brought this up were Hillary in office?

No, no, and no.

The same answers apply to Conyers. Safe, deep blue district.

We have the high ground, though! We turned on Bill Clinton — Trump should resign!

Fair enough. In twenty years, which is how long we’ve known without a doubt that Clinton was a lecherous pervert, we’ll consider abandoning Donald Trump. You know, when he is no longer a political asset.

Roy Moore is a pedophile/sex offender/so many accusers!

If Roy Moore were a Democrat in a blue state, and these accusations were going to cost the Democrats the Senate, do you think they’d be acting the same way? I seriously doubt it.

See: twenty years of Clinton, including through the last election.

This is how the game is played. For decades, Republicans and conservative stuck to a standard that the Democrats did not. Well, now people are sick of being beat to death with their own consciences, so people are telling Democrats and the media to pound sand when it comes to moral high horses. Ted Kennedy. John Kennedy. Bill Clinton. Conyers. All of these men, and more, were provided cover by their fellow politicians and friends in the media (many of whom are also being outed as serial perverts). And yet now, when it is politically advantageous, they want Republicans to start throwing folks under the bus based on unproven accusations.

Fuck you, and the high horse you rode in on. You leftist shills made the rules and now you have to live by them, or rather, watch as we ignore your protestations that we should follow rules you don’t.