“Real” Men and Women… short post, to the point:

The other day I happened across a meme of sorts, one of those Monopoly-card looking pictures with a snarky saying on it. This one talked about how “real women” have curves. I’ve seen a lot of this lately — “real women [are/do/know]…” — and the male variant (typically, “Real men love curves”). This follows up on a few years of different sites and different people talking about how “real men do [x]”.


A real woman is a grown (physically, mentally) human female who acts like an adult.

A real man is a grown (physically, mentally) human male who acts like an adult.

Men who like thin women, or comically large cartoon anime characters — whatever, they like what they like. Adults do what makes them happy without compromising their responsibilities.

This childish obsession with dictating what other people like is getting out of hand. “If you don’t like what *I* like then you are mean!”

What? Really?

No “Real” Adult says anything remotely like that in a serious context.

Otherwise, the billions of people who haven’t read and liked all of my books are mean. Because they’re not real women or real men.

Hey, I kind of like the idea of this.