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In a move that should surprise no one, the Justice Department has arrested someone for leaking classified information. In further not-surprising news, her social media is filled with leftist bullshit (including “being white is terrorism”, in the purest form of white guilt I’ve ever seen). Furthermore, she has a funny name.

Now, were I the attorney general, I’d personally take this case up and meet with her attorney: the only deal will be in exchange for the scalp of someone higher up the rung, or who has done worse. If she can’t offer that, drop a ton of legal bricks on her.

This isn’t a whistleblower scenario — there is no government misconduct being reported. This is a partisan hack releasing our nations secrets in an attempt to damage the Presidency. And she’s a self admitted terrorist (being white, after all) — so what would we do to a terrorist distributing secrets? That should be her punishment.

Hopefully this discourages other stupid leaks, and is just the first of many leakers exposed. If you’re going to leak classified information it should at least be because the government is wrong, not because you think the President is a “cunt.” (Her word.)

In regards to what was exposed: people are generally susceptible to spear-phishing. Stop falling for stupid shit. Stop using non-work e-mails for any work-related tasks. Stop re-using passwords. No clever hacking had to take place — they got access to the machines using social engineering, and then used that access to hack them. That’s not a security breach the computer systems can prevent against. If a person has a username and password for a system, and a way to connect to it — they own that system.