Related Points: Media Hypocrisy and Bush Proves Me Right (and a tangent)

No funny pictures to go along with this post.

Trump didn’t go after or correct a man (who sounded drunk?) that asserted our current President is a Muslim, and that we were having problems with Muslims. The media got in an immediate snit about this and has spent the better part of the last few days wetting themselves over his refusal to apologize, or his refusal to condemn the man. Then, Trump did something really ballsy: He said he isn’t going to correct someone for rumors Hillary Clinton started.

Damn, son.

Meanwhile, Jeb! came out and tried to White Knight for Obama. Um. Er. What? Listen, Fauntleroy, Obama doesn’t need you defending him. He has the media covering for him (and has since day one), he has Democrats covering for him (but I repeat myself). He has some people still too scared to criticize him lest they be called racist. Jeb, you gain nothing by defending Obama. Nothing at all. In fact, you lose a lot — and you come across like more of a pantywaist.

Back to the media. They’ve also seized on Ben Carson getting some bass in his voice and saying that he wouldn’t support a Muslim for president because Sharia isn’t compatible with our Constitution. Oops, or something. That was probably the smartest thing Ben Carson has said during this campaign. Of course he isn’t going to apologize (but any moment now Bush is going to try and qualify himself as a Nice Guy).


What about Obama’s racist pastor? God Damn America and all that? Or the terrorist Bill Ayers he is personally friends with? These aren’t some guy in a crowd — these are people with close, personal relationships with the President of the United States of America. This gives them access to one of the most powerful wussies in the world. The media has never asked for a condemnation of their behavior. Nor has any other Democrat been held to account for anything offensive they’ve said.

Identity politics is a losing game to play in the long run. Eventually the people left out by this (the castigated white man) are going to decide they’ve had about enough and will start playing the game themselves — as discussed here by Mike Cernovich. When you marginalize the concerns of others you put them in a position where they stop listening to you.

Yeah, it’s real cute when men have legitimate grievances and we’re met with mockery over “male tears” and bullshit about privilege. Keep that up — see how it works out.

A lot of men my age have become immune to being called racist, or sexist, or misogynistic. We just don’t care because the word has been said too many times. Pick a random word and say it as many times as you can in a five minute period and see if it even still sounds like a word to you. Yeah, that’s how we feel.

We don’t care.

The problem is, for all the claims about privilege, a lot of men are born without it (more people are born poor than rich by simple statistics), and to those of us who pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps? To those of us who had to win without the State stepping in to give us a leg up? Yeah, we’re Winners. We’ve built something that we weren’t given — something we appreciate because it wasn’t handed to us. And we’re going to defend that with every part of our being.

Now you have a bunch of engaged go-getters who are immunized to your standard dismissal techniques. We’re pissed off and we’ve had about enough of being mocked. We’re the Frankenstein’s monster that you’ve built and we are more than capable of wrecking shit if we want to. But we don’t want to wreck anything if we can avoid it: We build things. That’s what men like to do — create.

Go ahead, make male tear jokes. You’re foolish; that’s not tears, it’s sweat. Maybe if you did it more often you wouldn’t be a fat, whining slob.