Review: Fool Moon

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When I first got into the Dresden Files I went through most of them pretty quickly; we’re talking, I finished twelve of them inside of three weeks. That’s more than a book every two days and a lot of that was me languishing in the first book. Storm Front was great but didn’t capture me the way the latter books have. Fool Moon is where the magic really starts.

Once again, Butcher combines the fantasy elements seamlessly with the private detective aspects. It gels together really well, especially when the police get involved: and believe me, the police get involved. There’s some sort of werewolves terrorizing Chicago and you can better believe the police want to know who is shredding the citizens of Chicago. Butcher has actually researched a lot of lore for this book (as with all), and spins an action-packed tale using that lore as Harry Dresden hunts down the werewolves.

The world Dresden inhabits also fills out more in this book — his version of Chicago, and the system of magic and lore, grows with every chapter. And it’s not alone: the characters continue to build, grow, and learn with us. They become more rounded and more real, and that’s always something I want in a series.

This isn’t my favorite of the Dresden novels but it is an excellent addition, and if you’re going to read them, you ought to go in order: while each book is a self-contained story (so far; rumors are there’ll be a series-ending trilogy eventually), they aren’t episodic in the way some works are. Butcher is an excellent world-builder, and he stands on his own shoulders with every addition. Fool Moon is a great book.