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I’ve had an interesting relationship with the “manosphere” (a term I’ve come to loathe) — initially, when I came across it, I was enthralled with the idea. Finally, people who are outraged about the same stuff I am, and aren’t necessarily nutty political hacks. It was refreshing to say the least. My introduction came through the post Welcome to the Manosphere by Aaron Clarey. It was linked by Uncle (I’m not digging that post out). Refreshing, reassuring.

Of course, there are a lot of us motherfuckers out there. Some of them aren’t part of My Tribe(tm). In truth, there are too many whiners and people who come across like they’re playing a role playing game. Everyone has to do as they do or want, or the person is “beta” or “omega.” Whatever — I’m not going to live my life to someone else’s standard. Any time there is a massive grouping at least thirty percent of it will be kooks if you ask me.

Since that post I have whittled down the number of blogs I read to the ones I link here. I followed a ridiculous number of sites and realized I wasn’t even reading most of them and just brushed past their entries in feedly, then decided, well what’s the point?

Even among the guys I do follow, I’m still somewhat of a rule breaker; I’m married, and to an American woman. Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way and feel that I Chose Wisely. (I also married above my pay grade in the looks department, but that’s because I refuse to compromise my standards.) There are other personal differences, but the point is, I’m not following any of the rules. I’m not a pick-up artist, I’m not a men’s rights activist/whiner.

I’m not here to be a part of a group, and you shouldn’t be, either. Find the people you dig, and stick with them. I dig the people I link to even when I disagree with them. So take my links as an endorsement: They’re good writers, entertaining, and will probably offend all the right people. Sometimes they offend me. By linking to that, apparently I’m breaking some sort of rule. Because, nobody should be offended, right?

  • Ed

    I don’t mind the term “manosphere” too much. It’s a little cheesy and encompasses some groups I don’t particularly care for.

    “Red-pill” is the term I’m not a fan of. As the level of political correctness consistently increases I can understand why this term exists. But my problem with it is that it’s implying only “red-pill” people know the whole truth. It can be a very binary way of looking at things, I don’t think any one group or individual is right about everything. The term “red-pill” discourages critical thinking.

    A lot more people are looking at whether the politically correct statements are lining up with reality but I think it’s also just as important to look at our own beliefs and question them with the same standards as the ones we disagree with.

    • One of the reasons I loathe the term is the expanse of it. There’s a whole host of guys out there that I only have being male in common with, and a lot of them are… out there. Just out there. Having a dick doesn’t make us all the same tribe.

      I don’t like the term red-pill much, either, despite having blogrolled a site that has it as part of the name. The binary way of looking at things is part of what puts me off a lot of the ‘sphere: “You either do it the way I do it, or you’re beta/blue-pill/wrong.”

      That’s an awfully narcissistic way of looking at the world. I do things that make me happy: If I want to play an old DOS game about building castles to unwind, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m never going to change who I am to fit some “red-pill” definition. THAT, to me, is beta and approval seeking.

      To quote an internet meme, “I do what I want.”