Screaming into the fire

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You can count me in on boycotting Tor as long as Irene Gallo works there.

I’ll accept being called a lot of things; “wrongfan” is one of them. Neo-nazi isn’t.

The Nazis and Neo-Nazis are examples of some of the worst things humanity has to offer. Comparing people to those monsters over a disagreement on an award for fiction books is heavy-handed. Refusing to back down when you are told how wrong you are is obnoxious, and there’s no room for obnoxious in my life or lending any support toward it. Let’s just cover a few basic reasons that Gallo is the wrongest person on the internet:

– Sad Puppies is years older than Gamergate.
– Sad Puppies nominated women, minorities, and non-heterosexuals (I am not going to pry as to find out just where on the chart people I don’t know fall; it’s not my goddamn business).
– Sad Puppies nominated liberals, conservatives, and people with unknown politics.

That… pretty much undermines the entire thing.

Wrong, mean-spirited, and obnoxious. Pretty much the merit badges of jerks on the internet.