Sinuses… hate… me.

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Saturday and Sunday I was very industrious. I planted a bunch of stuff in the yard and started what could be our best attempt at a garden yet (okay, and our first attempt). I’ve picked some stuff out that is also going to help with privacy with regards to our annoying neighbor (hi Mister Stares Over Here), too.

Monday morning I began to pay for my sins.

Today I am paying more, but at least now I have a prescription for some high powered stuff. Which reminds me: Go fuck yourself, meth-heads, for making me have to get a prescription. Also, go fuck yourself federal/state government for your role in it as well. If you assholes can track every phone call you can certainly track sinus medicine purchases. LET ME BUY IT. I promise, I’m not Walter White (but I am the one who knocks — and sneezes).

My other solution is to drink until I don’t care anymore. One of these should help. Maybe I should get in bed and watch Casablanca while drinking.

“What nationality are you?”
“Well sir, I’m a drunkard.”
“That makes Rick a citizen of the world.”