Stop being proud of easy.

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Look, I’m not going to get into shaming or not. That’s a different post kicking around in my head. But something that I’m getting tired of is really simple: Stop being proud of easy stuff. Being overweight is easier than being healthy. Being slutty and careless with your genitals is easier than not. These are not things to be proud of because they don’t take any effort. Being stupid is working its way onto this list, too. “Hi, I’m a moron and proud!”

No. Look, I’m not saying you have to feel bad about yourself if you’re a dumb fat whore, but you’ve extended literally zero effort which is just lazy.

It would be like if I started a movement for Brown Hair Pride. I have brown hair by nature. I like my hair well enough, but I don’t go around saying “I’m so proud of my hair for being this color!” Because it didn’t take any fucking effort.

This is going to probably piss some people off, but if being gay is something you’re born with, then that’s not really something special, either. You didn’t have to work really hard to be a homosexual. Sure, you might have to put up with abuse, but most people can’t magically tell that you’re gay (or straight) anyway. You don’t see me having a parade celebrating the fact that I like titties.

Which is a shame, because the floats would be awesome.

I get that there’s a bit of a counter culture thing going on, but even still… there’s a difference between accepting who you are, and being an arrogant snot about what comes natural to you. Don’t do it.

Green Eyed Pride World Wide!

(Seriously, the floats would be motherfucking awesome.)