Super Tuesday Predictions

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Going into the biggest primary day of the year so far, for more than one reasons, I have a few predictions and thoughts:

– Is Marco Rubio running for President or snarky blogger? Because commenting on Trump’s hand size/implying he has a small dick and also commenting on his tan is pretty sad and desperate. Here’s a tip: People who are winning don’t need to resort to that.

Also, way to make yourself sound more gay. A Rubio/Graham ticket (they can decide who is the top) would be in the closet enough to run for President of Narnia.

– Trump and Cruz will win tomorrow. Cruz will at least win Texas, and Trump will win everything else. Where Trump wins I expect Cruz to end up in second most of the way, leading to:

– Cruz will win at least one state (Texas) and come in second in as many or more states as Rubio, yet the media will continue to push Rubio as the alternative to Trump despite the reality.

Cruz isn’t the alternative to Trump either; unless he pulls out a shock win outside of Texas Cruz’s campaign is over, too. Kasich is insisting he’s holding on until Ohio. Carson is… I don’t even know. Trump is going to win the nomination and will likely win 48 states on the way to it (Texas and Iowa being the outliers).

He’ll need to pick a VP to balance him out; he’s a Northeast guy so that puts Christie out. People will push for him to pick a woman or a minority, and a conservative, and an establishment… I’d say the odds are still somewhat in Ted Cruz’s favor (Rubio has erased any shot he had), but I wouldn’t put it past him to nominate anyone he has been endorsed by that has any sort of credentials: Palin, Sessions, etc.

– Heading into next week we’ll hear about the two man junk despite the delegate count, and then next week Trump will annihilate Rubio again. Don’t be surprised if the GOPe tries to sub in a pussy like Romney.