That crazy liberal kid who shot people.

Is Caitlin Dewey Guilty of Journalistic Fraud? asks Forney.

Yes, says anyone who is honest.

Friday, a crazy liberal kid went off the deep-end and killed a handful of people. Between then and now, as per usual, the mainstream media wants to find a conservative or other not-liberal place to drop the blame. Just like the theater shooter, just like the one who shot up a school in the northeast, just like the guy who shot Giffords (I refuse to give them fame by naming them). The initial implication is that these men are: conservative, or in some other way offensive to feminists (“PUA!!” even though PUAHate is… uh, not about being a PUA.)

Caitlin Dewey is a fraud who has no honesty.

Also, she’s a brunette, which means that turd in California would have had zero interest in her. The things he said about anyone who wasn’t a “hot blond” woman. Ah, Caitlin, you idiot.