That Tuesday, so long ago.

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September the Eleventh

As I write this, it’s September 10th, 2012. It’s been almost eleven years since that day. Today’s weather, at least here, reminded me of September 11th, 2001. Cool, sunny day, not too cloudy. That’s how that day was. It was one of those beautiful days — at least, weather wise. In reality, the day was one that would never be thought of as a beautiful day.

Eleven years.

It’s recent enough that it still burns, but far enough back that for most of us, it’s not a daily memory. For a while it was: For a while, it consumed all of us, and all of the news media. But it faded. We killed a lot of terrorists. Finally, we killed the top guy.

September 11th shouldn’t be a day of mourning, though. We should celebrate our victories. We should celebrate the freedoms that the villains hate. I know I’m going to: Tomorrow I plan on drinking some Scotch, maybe having a cigar, and spending a lot of time with my leggy lady.

That’s the Cigars and Legs way of dealing with loss: Fight through it, enjoy a smoke, enjoy a drink, enjoy some legs. Don’t let your enemies win, don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing how much they’ve got you down. Show a brave face and see it through. Yes, there is mourning to do, but there is living to do as well. We should honor the fallen by living life to the fullest.