The CAO Mx2

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A few weeks ago I picked up a four pack of short, thick CAO cigars.  The Mx2 was one of the four, and one of them I’ve already smoked.  The too long, didn’t read version of this:  It was very nice.

To start with the construction — it definitely wasn’t a second. I’ve had a few CAO over the years and they are always well put together. This double maduro was no exception. The outer wrapper was well held together, one big, pretty piece of tobacco rolled around the second wrapper and filler. That’s what makes this an interesting cigar: It’s got two wrappers. The construction also lends to some nice, even burn.

Before I get to the taste and smell, I’d like to talk about the smoke. The CAO brand typically have some of the heaviest, most pleasant smoke. One of the minor joys of smoking a cigar is blowing perfect smoke rings (I say minor because if that’s what you enjoy the most you should probably skip the cigar and get a child’s bubble blowing set). But as I’ve noticed the smoke from a cigar is an entirely different animal from that of a cigarette. It doesn’t stick.

That said, even if it did — this cigar smelled nice. As I’m fond of saying of my favorites: It smelled good before and after being lit. Dark, and rich. As per usual with a maduro it is earthy, but not overpowering due to the second wrapper. The taste — ah, the taste. As earthy and rich as the smell with a bit of sweet and a bit of spice. Everything you could ask for in a maduro.

I’ve definitely got room in the humidor for more of these.