The Presidency: One Month Until…

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We’re one month out from a Trump administration. A little less, if you consider the fact he’ll be president at noon, and as I write this it is considerably later than noon.

The electoral college voted, and I was only off by one faithless elector for Trump: I didn’t bank on there being two of them, especially not in Texas. I was way off on faithless Democrat electors and had no idea so many of them would abandon Hillary Clinton. That kick in the teeth also riled up the idiot Marcotte, as I saw earlier today, which makes it even sweeter.

Here’s what I expect, over the coming years:

– Border security and more deportations than Obama. I do not expect a wall, nor do I expect every illegal immigrant deported: these are pipe dreams, ideas to move the overton window. I do expect the borders to be secured, though, whether it invovles a wall or not. I do expect to stop bringing in so many “refugees.”

– Tax relief for almost everyone.

– Less regulation, leading to greater jobs growth.

– At least “decent” judges.

– National Concealed Carry,

Those are the only things I expect Trump to truly be able to accomplish given all of the fighting he’s going to be up against, from both sides and the media. At this point even his good ideas will be dismissed by the media and Democrats, and the Republicans are only good for half their own good ideas before they start looking into dumb shit nobody wants.

I am also positive I’m going to see:

– A lot of whiny babies, “Not my president”, and the continued virtue signaling of the NeverTrump asswipes.

– Comedians remembering they can make fun of the President in a way that’s actually based on the president’s faults, not secretly digging at his enemeies.

– Dissent is allowed, even respected.

– Hollywood blowhards!

– The far left will continue to be mean, snarky, and in all ways insular, thus further alienating them from every day Americans. In 2020 the desperate Democrats will run someone even worse than Hillary, because the party will be held firmly in the grips of SJWs after four years of Trump’s negotiated successes.

– More than 306 electoral votes in 2020.

We’ll see how all of this pans out, but I have some serious facts backing up my assumptions. The number of incestuous articles about how evil we all are, how racist and sexist and BIGOTED and PHOBIC we all are has shown me that these bedwetting pantywaists still don’t understand why America doesn’t care what they think.

The utter failure to grasp anything going on outside of the coasts is going to lead to a doubling down on stupidity. And any success in 2018 — any at all — will embolden them to be pants-on-head retarded in 2020.

The longer Trump acts like a normal person, the more successful or good ideas he comes out with or endorses, the harder it’s going to be for the extreme left and the gutless NeverTrump to bring anyone to their side. People don’t actually get sick of winning, they get sick of losing.

And a lot of Americans have been losing for a long time. A taste of win will pull them toward Trump and the Republicans — if the latter actually work for the American people, and not their own selfish interests. With McConnell and Ryan at the helm, that is not a given.

We’ll see what happens but I am cautiously optimistic. Mostly because all of the experts out there running their mouths about Russia, hacks, terrorism, immigration, the economy — they’re the same people who were wrong about the nomination, the election, and then the electoral college. They’re like the boy who cries wolf, but they’re crying “incompetent” and it’s really they who are incompetent.

I’m not sure if the WaPo or NYT editorial boards (not to mention the mentally retarded eels at Salon, Slate, and HuffPo) could figure out if it’s raining outside if they were given a very clear, clean window and crayon-level definitions of weather. Yet, after being wrong all the time, we’re supposed to take them seriously.

Nah. I’m just a guy, a writer, a programmer, a guy trying to make it. And I’ve got way more grasp around the lives of every day Americans, their hopes and dreams, and their struggles. I know what life is like outside of the Left Coasts. And, I’m not afraid to be wrong. I don’t have to analyze data to figure out how the input is wrong, and use that as an excuse. Sometimes, I’m just wrong.

Another thing that would be nice over the next few years: if, for the first time in a while, people began to understand rhetoric, hyperbole, and symbolism. There are so many near-Autistic people in the press who just don’t understand context, can’t see the forest for the trees. They misinterpret everything with even a touch of symbolism.

Sometimes, words aren’t meant to be taken literally. Taking a step back from dictionary definitions helps to understand the idea being presented, not the grammar.

That’s my rant. Onward to the holidays!