The President Is Either Stupid or An Asshole — At BEST

(Note: This was written before the terrorist attack in San Bernardino. I’m sure he’ll reinforce my point in the coming days. I will update the post accordingly.)

A dunce in a fool's cap

A fool in a dunce cap

This week while in Paris, Obama addressed the nut who shot up a Planned Parenthood. He claimed, with a totally straight face, that mass shootings simply don’t happen outside of the United States. Apparently, the terrorist attack doesn’t count. Because that is par for the course with this administration and the media: They cut the facts to fit their narrative.

His exact quote was, “I say this every time we’ve got one of these mass shootings: this just doesn’t happen in other countries.” (ums and uhs left out)

He also made some off the wall claim about fish swimming down the streets of Miami on high tide, which leans toward the “stupid” part of “stupid asshole” in the title. But we’ll come back to that.

We know for a fact that mass shootings happen in other countries1. So do mass stabbings, and other crazy weird attacks. The United states does not own a monopoly on crazies. The media and Democrats would like us to believe otherwise but if you look at the numbers murder is down, gun murder is down2, and in general violent crime is down. But that doesn’t fit his agenda, so Obama will not bring up any of those statistics. That leans toward the “asshole” side of “stupid asshole.”

Every part of that statement was false. Every part of the statement about fish swimming in the streets of Miami is false. Either this president is the most misinformed idiot to ever hold the office, or he is an outright liar. Well, since we were told for months how intelligent he is, how good of a speaker he is (oh what a lie that was), how he was just the best option then clearly we have to discount the idea that he’s stupid. I mean, they wouldn’t lie about the intelligence of our leaders would they?

He’s lying. He is aware of these facts, and he’s still misrepresenting them to further his agenda. That makes him an asshole. And the French press agrees and goes a step further (via Saysuncle). (Connard is French for “motherfucker” for my readers from Pennsylvania.)

Recently, the president has shown more petulance than any combination of presidents you can come up with3, including all forty-three previous guys added up. The man is just whining any time he is disagreed with, any time he’s asked a hard question. He doesn’t like it very much. Yet when Republicans call out obvious bias, obvious attempts to get them to sabotage each other instead of discussing the issues, they’re somehow weak and unable to handle ISIS or Russia.

Which, by the way, good job on that front. Russia is storming all over the middle east and doing whatever they damn well please, the mutation of the Bush foreign policy embodied by Obama has brought strong governments down and replaced them with an army of batshit insane extremists, and historical sites are being blown up on the regular. This doesn’t even touch the actual humanitarian crisis this dickhead has brought about.

It’s easier to not think about all the human suffering that the Bush/Obama foreign policy has wrought.

Taking out Saddam Hussein without a reliable replacement was a mistake. Getting involved in that quagmire without a clear victory condition was a mistake. Half-assing it and letting resentment grow was a mistake.

The Obama plan has been to take out more strong, secular leaders (Gaddafi, Assad, Mubarak), allowing rebels and extremists to feast and take control. Instead of half-assing it, we’re at best quarter-assing it. We’ve doubled down on the worst aspects of the previous presidency at every opportunity.

Libya went to hell almost immediately. Our ambassador was murdered. Egypt went to hell almost immediately. The rebellious protests turned into roving rape gangs that brutally sexually assaulted at least one American reporter4 and God knows how many other women, children — and even men. Syria… well, look at it. We drew a line in the sand for Assad, and then when he crossed it we armed a few rebels — and our weapons fell into the hands of ISIS.

ISIS, who Obama called the al Qaeda “J.V.” team.

Bel Temple

This historical site was destroyed by the “JV” team

I don’t like any of these leaders. Gaddafi was awful, and his death was something worth celebrating, but the vacuum left behind caused more trouble than it was worth. Hosni Mubarak is a prick but for a while there Egypt was a hell hole and it’s still not a place I would visit. Bashir al-Assad has long been on the list of despots whose death I will drink to (yes, I keep a list, because evil is evil), but weakening him has caused incalculable damage. The refugee crisis is a direct result of the civil war we have enabled.

Also, to touch on the sexual assault angle. ISIS and similar extremists have been on the whole extremely bad for women. They’ve enslaved women, including western women and even Americans, and turned them into forced sex slaves on a level not seen since the Comfort Women in the second World War. Congress has held hearings on campus sexual assaults and many states and universities are talking about affirmative consent and waving the right to due process for men accused of sexual assault. Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls — in a large part for sex slaves — and we got a hashtag.

Where is the outrage about what ISIS is doing to women? Why isn’t Obama calling them out on this?

It’s pretty ridiculous that men like me, who only expect men to get due process, are called a lot of nasty names. We’re misogynistic. We’re rape deniers — which is untrue. I despise rape and rapists, and when someone is actually guilty of rape or child molestation the punishment I would give them would make a medieval Inquisitor squeamish. There’s no way it would pass constitutional muster, so I’ll settle for a life sentence.

Over here, there was a lot of debate about whether or not college women could get the taxpayer to cover the cost of their birth control. Elsewhere, there’s female genital mutilation taking place using sharp rocks. Sorry if we don’t take you seriously when you’re upset that a historical figure didn’t hold the same values we do today.

Obama has been more detrimental to the lives of women across the globe than anyone in recent memory. Statistics show that in the Obama recession women have been hit hardest. Women are suffering in the middle east more now because of his insane foreign policy. Surveys of women in the United States show they are the most unhappy they’ve been in a half century. The number of women on anti-depressants and other mental health drugs has skyrocketed.

But I’m the misogynist? No, if I were a misogynist I’d support this stupid asshole. Because intentionally or not, he’s ruining women’s lives.

Men aren’t faring any better. Our suicide rate is high, and growing. I’m sure an honest survey of our happiness wouldn’t be so hot, either. Men are fleeing college campuses in droves, both because of the anti-male policies put forth and because there’s no real point in sinking into debt for a job that isn’t there. The hope of the American dream has evaporated before our very eyes.

Gun owners have never been so frantic — there was just another record single day sales record. Often, ammunition of various calibers has become near impossible to find for long stretches because the manufacturing can’t keep up with the demand. We’re told nobody is coming for our guns, but any time a lunatic does something with a gun, this stupid asshole proposes some restrictive hell legislation. And so there go the buyers again. Colorado happened, he made his stupid comments that ignore a vast amount of violence outside of our borders. Then today happened and already Democrats are calling for “standing up to the NRA.” Clinton and O’Malley did before the bodies were counted.

Schools are going to shit as well: Common core is a complete failure. Part of the blame here is Pearson — the worst publishing house on the planet, responsible for some of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen in my life (My Skills Lab was written by a dead orangutan). But also, Obama’s beard came up with some ridiculous nutritional guidelines that are resulting in enormous amounts of waste and lost money for already cash strapped schools. Somebody must be benefiting from this plan, and it sure as hell isn’t students, parents, or the supposedly-beloved-by-the-left teachers.

It’s very possible that both Obama and Bush were just misguided, that they were trying to help but unable to. Sometimes the best of intentions cause the worst of harms. Pain killers are great until you’re addicted to them, after all. The doctor doesn’t write that prescription to get you hooked, he writes it to relieve your pain. But nonetheless, you can become addicted.

We aren’t supposed to confuse malice for stupidity but sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. Until we have a complete picture and all the facts, it’s just easier to say: Why not both?

The President is a Stupid Asshole.