The Problem with Global Climate Change

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As I was getting ready this morning, it occurred to me that it was probably early in the year for the heater to be on way down here in Satan’s Naval. It’s hot here.

Now, I’m not saying this is or isn’t a sign of climate change — but I realized that if this was a particularly cold or early winter, it’d be held up as a sign of climate change. If it’s a mild or late winter, the same thing will happen — all the while people on the other side will hold the opposite opinion.

The problem is that local, seasonal weather abnormalities are being used as weapons for or against it, and that ruins the public perception of the truth. Weather is always wild — within a week weather can be nutty and strange. It’s not evidence for (or against) climate change. The weather system is just complex.

No matter what the truth is, people will take the local reality and bend its meaning to match their bias. That’s the problem with global climate change.