The Washington Capitals should fire Thomas Wilson.

I’ve honestly not been paying too close attention to hockey. The games are hard to find on TV, the TV product is kind of annoying lately, and the regular season is long. With everything else going on (knee surgery, Bendy’s upcoming surgery, knee recovery…) I’ve just been out of the loop. Tonight, I happened to notice the Washington/Philly game — in Philly — and it was pretty interesting.

Then Thomas Wilson drew a five minute major and the Flyers took over. But that’s not why they should fire him:

What the fuck was he thinking? He laid a guy out who was a yard or so from the boards, accelerated into him, and basically pushed him head first into the boards. I’m surprised the guy didn’t die the way his head hit. I’m a Caps fan, and I’d suspend this nut for the season. That’s exactly, text book, the kind of hit that needs to come out of hockey. He could have paralyzed a guy. For… playing the game.

Fire him. Trade him. Bench him. Suspend him after the league does for conduct detrimental. When Sean Avery made a disturbing comment about an ex, the NHL suspended him for that — and his then team said if the league hadn’t, they would have. Well, the Capitals should step up here.

Teams should start throwing the bums out of their own accord.