The Weakness of Denial

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Versus the Strength of Introspection.

There aren’t a lot of people in the media I could ever say I’ve been a fan of. In fact, there aren’t many I’d even tolerate. Over the last ten years it has become much worse — maybe they changed, or maybe I did. But I certainly notice the thinly veiled contempt they have for anyone outside of their little bubble. The Washington Post has become a parody of itself in that way, and EJ Dionne is one of the worst (Dana Milbank is the worst, a smarmy little cunt worthy of derision). His inability to blame anyone except everyone else does his image no favor.

To begin with, his list of those he blames — goodness. Vladimir Putin? James Comey? While I’m in full agreement that Comey should go — he’s clearly not up to the task — it wasn’t his fault Clinton skirted the law with her e-mail server. It wasn’t Comey, or Putin, who put the idea of avoiding FOIA into her head. You cannot blame Comey for doing what he swore under oath to do. I don’t like how it was handled, either. But be realistic, man.

Furthermore, he pretends that the media actually attempted to portray Hillary’s scandals as on par with Trump’s. Did he watch CNN? I did. Did he read his own rag? I did. In the mornings, when getting ready for work, CNN was the background noise. Mostly because it became damned amusing how much they twisted into a pretzel to excuse spending 90% of their air time on Trump saying stuff, and less than 5% on actual Clinton issues.

The media went and did their best for Hillary and an inability to see that is reflected in the inability to see why she lost, or that the loss was coming — or that the polls were wrong. The idea that the media in any way put the two on equal footing is beyond ludicrous.

Before we move on, allow me to borrow a turn of phrase from Rubiobot: Let’s dispense with the notion that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Even if her lead does bear out (which is unclear as of this writing), you cannot say that in an election without an electoral college the numbers would be the same. A great deal of people who may vote Trump in New York and California did not vote. We can’t know how many. But if you remove the oddity of the electoral college, those people may have voted. We can’t know how many.

The counter to that is “well Clinton voters might have come out in Red States.” Maybe. But Clinton’s big block states — NY and CA — are extremely populous. The polls look like 3:1 for Clinton:Trump from those — and there’s no way that ratio stays the same in such a divided electorate if you remove the winner-take-all format.

Clinton also won many guaranteed blue, densely populated states: New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and so on. These states go to the liberal candidate almost all the time. If the promise of a straight popular vote existed, there’s no guarantee the hidden Trump vote seen everywhere else in the nation wouldn’t explode the numbers.

Wyoming’s entire population is less than 600,000 — how many blue votes would she pick up there? Idaho? Utah? (Didn’t she come close to third in Utah?)

You can’t compare the straight up numbers in one system, and assume they would be the same in another. That’s not how numbers work, and it’s certainly not how human behavior works.

Moving on, the next step — logically, in his mind — is for Dionne to dish out hate upon his “gender, race, and class”: college educated white men (wait, since when were they the ones voting Trump? Dionne and his cohorts spent the entire election season telling us Trump voters are dumb turnip farmers). This is the crux of nearly every defeated liberal argument in my life time: Well, we lost. It was those damned honkeys and illiterate crackers.

Keep saying it. Keep thinking it. We’ll keep bowling you over.

In 2008, were all these illiterate, turnip-farming Trumpkin crackers racist when Pennsylvania went to Obama? No, of course not: it was those of us who opposed his agenda — despite opposing it before he was president — that were racist. But America got a pass.

For eight years. The country isn’t racist, just the people in it who disagree with EJ Dionne.

The Democrat party is to blame infinitely more than “racism” or “misogyny” or any other of the leftist boogeymen. They and their media friends wanted Trump — we’ve seen that from the Wikileaks e-mails. Trump, or Carson, or Cruz — the “pied piper” candidates. They assumed it’d be easier to win. The media and the DNC also conspired to get Clinton. Basically, the media and DNC got to choose both finalists — and now they’re pissed the scripted loser actually won.

Maybe next time you fuckers will think twice about that. But probably not.

After 2008, a great many of us looked inward, at the movement, at the Republican party, at conservatism. We understood that maybe McCain wasn’t a good enough choice, against Obama and his carefully crafted lies about hope and change. In 2012, it was much the same — we supported Romney because of the tragedy of an Obama second term. But he wasn’t the first choice. For many of us, Trump wasn’t our first choice in 2016.

This time around, though — we got the canddiate we needed. A real fighter. Someone who spoke the language we wanted to hear: not a bunch of politically correct nonsense, not a bunch of play nice with our enemies tripe, and certainly not a bunch of shame for white people in general (protip: most of us aren’t priviliged).

We won. We won against a spending advantage on the Democrat side. We won against a downright hostile, hateful media — you fuckers still call us “flyover country”. We won without the majority of the GOP elite. We won without the Never Trump tards. We won.

And now we’re going to take the reigns for a bit. Elections have consequences. We don’t need to bend at the knee, or do anything else to seek your forgiveness or beckon you to our table. We just won. You have to come to us.

You all staked your reputations, your political good will, on the idea we were just some ignorant crackers and we couldn’t win. Well, go play in your own sandbox. Because Cracker Court is in session.

And we don’t need your self-hating, hateful bullshit. We’ve got work to do.