There is no more left vs right.

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It has come to the point now where I recognize that the idea of leftists vs righties is not the current political spectrum. Too many on the right are for the continued destruction of liberty in the forms of spying and erosion of our other rights — privacy, while not stated directly, should be assumed from 4A. We are to be secure in our persons and papers, and “papers” aren’t just bits of dead tree any more (any more than free speech only applies to newspapers and protests).

Most people on the left are simply flat out statists. They want the state to control what you consume (see Bloomberg), they want the state to control your healthcare (see Obama). The state should control your access to weapons for self defense or other purposes (most of them, particularly DiFi). The state should be able to spy on you without warrant (Obama, DiFi). Because of a “consensus” on climate change, the state should be allowed to dictate many other things to you — where you set your AC, what kind of car you drive (most of them).

Almost every liberal policy is simply rooted in letting them meddle with you further in some way. Even the “generous” ones where they give you other people’s money — welfare, college aid, free anything. They all come with strings and the fact you are now a servant of the government and you become unable to fend for yourself, so you must continue to vote yourself more of other people’s money. (This could be solved relatively simply by not allowing people on the dole to vote, on the grounds that they are not participating in society.)

It doesn’t just apply in a political or governmental way, either, although they’re trying to get the government involved in that, too. You no longer have the right to free association, and if you even so much as let out a peep against sexual practices you may find deviant, you are a bigot and a horrible person. Personally, I don’t care about this at all — I’m for consenting adults doing whatever they wish with their genitals. As long as I don’t have to pay for it or listen to them ramble about it. Straight, gay, whatever — I have no interest in your genitals or where you mash them. But the actions of political activists in favor of all these alternate choice lifestyles are really obnoxious and off-putting.

Before Obama was elected, many of us who opposed his election felt that once he became president any criticism would be cast as racism. This has largely been the case. It reached such absurd heights that calling him “elitist” was some sort of racist dog whistle that meant “uppity” which apparently is an older racist dog whistle (although 95% of the time I’ve ever heard “uppity” it was some office punk who thought they were more important than they were — and also white). Which is weird, because I’m pretty sure people used to call Bush elitist and that dude is a honkey.

A similar disconnect has emerged for gay rights issues. If you so much as blink at their craziest actions you are a homophobe. No, maybe I just don’t like lunatics.

I don’t oppose Obamacare because he’s black. I don’t oppose warrantless wire-tapping because he’s black. I don’t oppose giving guns to Mexican drug cartels because he’s black. I oppose them because they’re giant problems that are dragging down a fragile enough economy and society.

A few months ago, a reporter asked Lena Dunham why her character was naked so much on the show, because it seemed like it was just there for the sake of having nudity (something most HBO shows are guilty of now). The backlash was spectacular to see over such an innocent question, but the best part was her response that if she wasn’t what he wanted to see, that it was his issue and he needed to work that out.

Really? So now not being attracted to a (at best) 5 with an annoying personality is an issue someone has to work out? So we can shame men for their preferences (you dogs, you pigs, you only like X), but where’s the manboob acceptance brigade? Oh, right — telling women who to like is patriarchal (but telling men who to like… that’s okay). I bring this up, of course, because this is becoming a huge issue where the liberals might start to make some hay with the government. Mostly because everything they have a problem with ends up getting voted on at some point.

It’s all the same thing — “If you don’t agree with me on X, then you are somehow mentally deficient.” Be it racism, homophobia, or sexism. Whatever you don’t agree with them on, why, it can’t be an honest disagreement between Americans. No, you’re jacked up, you right-wing scumbag.

Well you know what? Forget you, okay?

I don’t want to pay for other people’s birth control because I don’t want to pay for other people to have sex. I can’t pay for my own self to have sex legally, why am I obligated to buy pussy for some other guy?

I don’t want to pay for other people’s healthcare because the citizens of this country are making really poor decisions. Smoking is the least poor decision most of them are making! SMOKING!

I don’t want to be spied on because it’s none of your damn business if I text my wife about wanting to motorboat her ten times a day, or because I have a new creative place to shag her silly (to borrow some Britainism). I don’t want to be spied on because you know what? I say awful stuff to my friends in e-mails and texts, stuff I don’t even mean half the time, but I say because it’s funny as hell.

I don’t want you controlling what guns I have because I’ve known two people who have been shot after giving up their money, one fatally. I don’t want you controlling my guns because I rather enjoy shooting them at paper silhouettes and it’s my money anyway. I don’t want you controlling my guns because fuck you, that’s why. They’re my guns, bought with my money, money I sacrificed my precious moments on this earth to earn. My guns have killed fewer people than Obama’s indecision on 9/11/12.

I don’t want to see Lena Dunham naked because she’s not my type, and I’m not a jerk or mentally deficient for not liking her. Nothing is wrong with me (and I’m not even arguing that anything is wrong with her*) for liking something different. I’m not fat shaming. I’m not slut shaming. I’m just not interested. I don’t care if she takes her clothes off at HBO, that’s between her and the six people who watch Girls.

* Other than her severe and potentially fatal narcissism.