Time zones and word press.

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OR, time zones are kind of stupid

Hrm. Apparently Word Press is basing the time of my posts off the straight UFC time. It is not actually 23:37 here right now. Far from it.

Of course, it’s the same “time” here as it is anywhere else in the near universe as numerical time is a construct. In actuality the only times that matter are dawn and dusk, with some allowance for noon and midnight. As someone who has lived my entire life in the Central time zone, it always struck me as somewhat idiotic that everything starts at X/(X-1), and when people talk about getting to work at 9 my reaction is always “that’s kind of late” until I realize I’m reading something written by an Eastern TZer.

The stupid habit of changing our clocks twice a year only makes this worse. And some places just within this nation don’t even do that. Basically, our lives revolve around time so much we can’t just leave the numbers well enough alone. We have to fuck with them to keep our schedules synced to the numbers, as opposed to the sun.

So what time is it?

Writing time.