To 0-5 and 5-0 and beyond.

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And here we go:

New Orleans: Still undefeated. And going on to 16-0.

Seattle: I picked them to lose and they did. I have the power.

New England: Wow.

Denver: Won thanks to the heroic effort of Tony Romo and the Dallas defense.

Chiefs: I kept forgetting they were undefeated, and they kept winning.


Jaguars: 0-16 beckons.

Steelers: Had a bye.

Buccaneers: Had a bye.

Giants: Killing me, man. KILLING ME.

I went 3/4 with the winners I called (New England lost), and 1/2 for the losers (Giants lost). 23 for 29 on the year.

In Week 6, New Orleans plays the 4-1 Patriots: Win New Orleans.
Denver plays the 0-5 Jaguars. Win Denver.
Seattle falls off of our radar (as does New England, other than playing the Saints), but I’ll pick up the Chiefs now: They beat Oakland.

In Week 6, the Jags play Denver and I picked that one already.
The Steelers play the Jets — Jets get a W, Steelers remain defeated.
The Buccaneers play the Eagles at home. Losing Freeman does them no good: Eagles win this one.
Giants: Another loss. They play the Bears, who have lost two in a row. 1/3rd of my incorrect guesses all year have been backing the damned Giants (and they got SMOKED at Carolina!).

Three winners continue to win, four losers continue to lose as I pick six (6) games. I will hopefully be back next week 29 for 35. (Not counting my 100% perfect record prior to week 2.)