To Book 3, and Beyond!

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The next book of Cigars and Legs will likely be out before September of next year (the last two have come on the last two Septembers) — in fact, my goal is to finish it and have it up by February, even though I’m currently working on another writing project. The working title is going to be a play on the first two:

Life After Boots

(It’s also a play on the main theme of the book!)

I don’t want to get too into the story, but I’ve got it all planned out and some of it written. I’ve also got the follow up book planned out in detail (I’ve known the ending to this book since before I finished The Boots Come Off), and that should close out the 50’s series of Cigars and Legs novels.

Which means that, sooner or later, I’m going to have to start reading up on the 1960s. Or maybe I’ll just use it as an excuse to watch all of Mad Men over and over.

I have a general idea of where the Cigars and Legs series goes through Ron’s life, and where it’ll go after Ron hangs up his Colt for the last time, so there’s no shortage of ideas and books in the future. There’s more a shortage of time to write them.

I’ve also sketched out the entire Kate Nass Files back story — starting in the 20s and going right up to the beginning of The Boots Are Red. And another spin-off that isn’t even a detective story. So if you like what you’ve read so far, either here or on your Kindle, then check back — every Tuesday there’s something new here.

Next week is the “This Month In” for October 1954. After that, there will be a Tobacco Tuesday update on Election Night (although maybe that should be about choosing the perfect Scotch…)