Tyranny and rebellion

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Heads on pikes says Unc, to this shameful tyranny.

Yes, heads on pikes.

There is a quote, in Star Trek: First Contact, where Picard is speaking of the Borg advancing. Paraphrased, he says, “They advance, and we fall back. They take over our space, and we fall back. No more! This far, no further!” At some point, someone is going to have had enough of this overreach and they will react violently. People can only be pushed so far before they go nuts — half the justification the Democrats offer on terrorism is that “they hate us because we interfere.” Yeah, well: We’re a country peopled with rebels (some with multiple rebellions in their bloodline). At some point, the “little people” are going to hate people abusing authority for interfering in their lives. It won’t be pretty.

It won’t even need to be a lot of people, either: A few years back, one former cop basically shut down large swaths of California. One man in the northeast around Pennsylvania managed to distract quite a few police officers for quite a while. One person flipping their shit about this sort of thing would shut Wisconsin down. This will only work on the majority of us — the meek, the people who just want to keep their heads down and go about their lives — for so long until they find a person who is already looking for an excuse.

I pray only that when it does happen the person doesn’t hurt anyone innocent.

This sounds like vigilantism, it sounds like crazy talk even. But the reality is that the justice system exists as a social contract between the citizen and the government. We give them this power to enforce the law and, in return, they do it to our standards. If they don’t then we take justice “into our own hands” (a stupid saying; the government belongs to us and therefore it, and the justice part, already are in “our hands” — we just hire people to do it full time). The rulers rule at our pleasure, not the other way around. This is a point of view that we have lost over the years.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Unfortunately, the tree is lopsided as it’s only been getting the blood of patriots for some time now.