Undefeated and winless, again.

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I was right about two of the three remaining undefeated teams. Unfortunately, the Saints were the team I was wrong about.

I was right about the losers, except for the damned Steelers. The Jets couldn’t do it, and now the Steelers fall off of our radar, leaving us with the Jags, the Giants, and the Bucs.

I am 25/35.

I could get to 30/40 this week. So here we go:

Kansas rocks Houston.
Denver loses in Indy. (Unless there are shenanigans by the zebras)
The Giants get their first win (I know I shouldn’t pick the Giants after being wrong every time I picked them to win… but…)
Tampa beats Atlanta for their first win.
The Jags lose to the Chargers.

After this week, only the Jags will be winless and the Chiefs lossless.