(Vacation) Tobacco Tuesday — Montecristo Platinum

I picked up a Montecristo Platinum in a tube a few weeks ago. When I broke that open it had a “1999 Vintage” paper ring around it just next to the Montecristo logo.

The wrapper was flawless, from start to end. Uniform in color and texture. The hole punch style cutter on my lighter made quick work of the end without any issue (as I’ve had with others) and it lit readily.

The smoke and smell was great. So starts the puffing, and: Wow. I started talking to the cigar. Probably one of the best tasting cigars I’ve ever had. It was just that good. Top five, easily. Great taste and great smoke. The smoke smelled good, it wasn’t overpowering.

The cigar was a Churchill and it was enjoyable from start to finish. I’ve had another of the same style since and it was just as good — not a fluke.

The filler was good, too. Strong (physically) tobacco — the ashes were limited only by my trepidation about them falling in an inconvenient place.

So, this is short because it’s vacation time at Casa de Cigars and Legs, but: Try this stick if you can get your hands on it.