Vox Day isn’t the devil.

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Vox Day is many things, but he is not:

– The Devil
– Keyser Soze
– Voldemort

Stop the hysterics over one guy.

This happens every few weeks with the same type of whiners. They’ll focus on how one man is somehow leading to the downfall of their sacred temple. Vox Day is apparently ruining science fiction/fantasy. It goes on and on, there is always this one figurehead who must be demonized and anyone who even appears to have the same opinion as him must disassociate themselves.


Larry Correia, Vox Day, Brad Torgersen, all the Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies nominees have one thing in common: They are adults, responsible only for their own comments and feelings. Everyone listed denouncing Vox will not somehow weaken him and make him escape to another plane. But once you give guilt by association power then it overtakes the discussion. Well, okay, let’s cast a hex on Vox. Now what? Oh, someone else said something objectionable. What do you think of that?

I can come up with a whole host of assholes on the internet who have said things that would offend me, were I a mere mortal who gave two drops of fresh squeezed urine what random people on the internet said. Does everyone I ever have a discussion with have to disavow anything those people said, if they have something in common? If so I will never have a discussion with anyone because it’ll take too long to sort out which assholes we support and which we don’t.

For example: Arthur Chu is a complete and total douchebag. He is opposed to both Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies. All right, anti-Puppies, how many of you will unperson Arthur Chu? Until people shun him then we can’t have a rational discussion.

OR, we can start acting like adults and let the people who say things own them. Nothing Larry Correia or Brad Torgersen could say about or to Vox will change who he is. They do not have that power. Stop acting like they do. If anything, Vox and his Dread Ilk are feeding on the way everyone is dancing around like he’s an all-powerful warlord.

Besides, all of you breathe in air, and so does Vox (I think), so until you all explicitly shun Vox you should stop breathing.

On a personal note, I distinctly remember when George RR Martin took a break from taking a break from writing A Song of Ice and Fire to take a huge, steaming Scalzi all over any of his fans who didn’t support John Kerry, and threw a world class hissy-fit on his “Not A Blog” about how he was too emotionally scarred to finish writing when Kerry lost. Him trying to get on any moral high horse over anything should be met with some eye-rolling.